Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jessamine super

"Budget Meal"
Nasi katok- $1.00
Nasi ayam- $2.50
Ayam penyet- $3.50
Beef soup & sayur w/rice- $3.50

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Night Time Special

Spaghetti BologneseOthers :
Baked Prawn & Mussels w/ Garlic & Moss Cheese
Baked Sotong In Bechamel & Cheese Sauce w/ Chips
Caesar Salad
Warm Potato Salad
Nachos Special
Tacos w/ Beef Fillings & Moss Cheese
and more....


Tea Tarik
Others :
Tea "C" Special
Tea Tarik Jessamine
Fresh Juices
ABC Special
and more....

Lunch and Dinner

Sweet and Sour ChickenLemon Chicken
Ginger Spring Onion Beef

Ayam Penyet
Sizzling Japanese Beancurd
Sizzling Black Pepper Steak
and more....

Lunch and Dinner

Dry Chili Chicken
Chinese Beef Steak

Butter Prawn
Butter Caramelised Prawn
Black Pepper Beef

All Day Favourite

Fried MeeFried Kuey Teow

Others :
Penang Kuey Teow
Laksa Penang
Mee Rebus Singapore
Nasi Lemak
and more....

Tea Time Favourite

Roti Kawin Kuning Special
Butter ToastCheese Toast

Peanut Butter Toast
Kaya Toast
Roti John
Roti Kawin Traditional
Cucur Udang
Lumpia Udang / Ayam
and more....